unnamed 11.28.57

Hello everyone! Our Media Initiative team spent several days at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy. There were a lot of people and a selection of the best European journalists and media. We tried to speak with everyone, presenting our campaign to about 5,000 visitors. We collected over 500 signatures, 10% of participants shared our efforts and got materials to give to other friends.


Media Initiative has been interviewed by radios and tv channels and retweeted by many new followers. All people appreciated our beautiful cards, and several communication students asked to join us as volunteers. Now nobody can say that we are not known, for sure.

We left Perugia with five new media partners for the ALTphabet digital campaign, exhausted but very happy to have been recognized, with a special emphasis on May 3rd, World Day of Media Freedom, as the most active organization in media issues in Italy today.