(Nicosia, 14/07/14)
Within the framework of its activities supporting media freedom and media pluralism, the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC) is supporting a project that is mapping violations of media freedom across the 28 EU countries and candidate countries.
The project, led by Index on Censorship based in London, United Kingdom, and the Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso in Rovereto, Italy is centred around mediafreedom.ushahidi.com, a website that will collect and map crowd-sourced information from media professionals and citizen journalists across Europe about violations of media freedom.
“Index on Censorship believes that free expression is the foundation of a free society and this website will enable journalists to report incidences of violations as soon as they happen”, explained Melody Patry, Index on Censorship senior advocacy officer. “By mapping these reports online, the entire system will act as an advocacy, research and response tool, highlighting that violations on media freedom still occur in Europe”, added Patry.
CCMC will be involved in the project through the dissemination of information to media professionals and citizen journalists about the platform and how it can be used, with the ultimate aim of raising awareness about media freedom and how this remains an important issue in Cyprus.
“As the local coordinator of the European Initiative for Media Pluralism campaign, CCMC is committed to advancing initiatives that support media freedom and media pluralism in Cyprus”, said Michalis Simopoulos, CCMC’s Interim General Manager. “We call on journalists and media from all of Cyprus’ communities to stand up and claim their right to free expression, and to make use of the platform to voice their issues and concerns.”
For more information please contact CCMC on +357-22-662269 and +90-392 22-80654, or emailinfo@cypruscommunitymedia.org