The European Initiative for Media Pluralism organises the #FreeMediaRace

In support of the European Citizens Initiative for Media Pluralism we will start the #FreeMediaRace, a race that gives individuals and organisations the chance to become the greatest protagonist of press freedom in Europe! Starting on July 10 at 10:07am the #FreeMediaRace will give everybody and every organisation the chance to mobilise in support of media diversity and press freedom in Europe. The winners of the race will be invited to Brussels, introduced to members of the European Parliament, and given the chance to explain why they believe that press freedom and our freedom of speech are liberties worth protecting!

the goal: to mobilise Europe to protect our basic liberties and democracy by safeguarding press freedom and media diversity in all member states! When we collect a million signatures we can demand a directive from the European Commission that guarantees press freedom. The #FreeMediaRace supports the European Citizens Initiative for Media Pluralism and unites Europe in a fight for press freedom!

the way: with the #FreeMediaRace we give you a tool to collect signatures in your name, or the name of your organisation. You can activate your friends, co-workers and/or the members of your organisation by sharing your personal collection link with them. For each person that signs the initiative using your link you will get one point.

the winners: To keep things simple: the participants with the most points win the race. We will invite winners in three categories: Individuals and groups of friends, small organisations (<50 co-workers or members), and large organisations (>50 co-workers or members). All winners will be invited to Brussels and given the chance to speak to Members of the European Parliament to ensure this new parliament takes press freedom as serious as we do!

join the race: to join the #FreeMediaRace all you have to do is register yourself or your organisation at, and we will send you your personal collection link. You can then send your personal link over your online channels (website, blog, mailing list, twitter, facebook, etc.) to let people know you are in the race to become the greatest protagonist for press freedom in Europe. Pre-registration is possible from July 3-10. When you share your personal link your friends and colleagues will be invited to sign the initiative on the official web page of the European Commission. The official form will be embedded in your personal #FreeMediaRace page, so when they hit the 'sign' button we will allocate one point in support of your race.

more information: for all additional information and questions you can write to

The #FreeMediaRace

Join it, to win it!