Our proposed European Citizens’ Initiative was finally registered in Brussels and consequently published in the European Commission’s online register.

After a long consultation process at transnational level, our proposed European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) on Media Pluralism and Press Freedom has been submitted to the European Commission and was included in the ECI’s official register on 5th October 2012.

This means we are now allowed to start collecting statement of supports for our European Citizens’ Initiative. For the online collection of signatures, however, we have to wait for certification of our software. In the meantime, we continue to broaden our support for the transnational campaign.
With the transnational campaign and this specific initiative, both the competence of institutions involved in media pluralism and the responsibilities of citizens to express themselves and make themselves heard through this new tool of direct democracy are defined on a European level.

The “European Citizens’ Initiative for Media Pluralism” is being launched by a coalition of Civil Society Organisations, academic departments, and media from 9 European Member States, calling the EU Commission to issue a legislative initiative to harmonise national rules on media ownership to protect pluralism and press freedom through an appropriate and carefully drafted Directive that the new tool for participatory democracy European Citizens’ Initiative is rendering possible. It will therefore become possible to collect (at least) one million statements of support coming from (at least) seven member states (9 in our case) within the span of one year to call directly on the European Commission to bring forward such a legislative initiative on the issues of media freedom and pluralism, and on how to protect and promote them in Member States.

The European Initiative for Media Pluralism is now officially the thirteenth European Citizens’ Initiative, among the first ever initiatives for transnational deliberative democracy to be registered in the history of the European Union. Now, we have until Saturday 5 October 2013 to collect (on-line and off-line) statements of support… help us run a truly pan-European campaign and reach the one million signature objective!