Mayor of Florence Matteo Renzi has just won an overwhelming victory in the primary elections of the Partito Democratico, Italy’s largest party. Renzi has campaigned on a platform of change, pledging to overhaul the country’s paralysed and inefficient political system.
Drastically improving the media landscape is a key element of any reformist agenda for the country. Political control over public broadcasting remains endemic; concentration of ownership stifles the media landscape reducing the plurality and independence of media outlets; supervisory bodies are ineffective and remain under tight party control. The European anomaly represented by the conflict of interest of Silvio Berlusconi, amongst others, remains unsolved.
The Media Initiative has written an open letter to Matteo Renzi demanding a pledge to sign our campaign and relaunch comprehensive media reform in Italy. The letter has beenĀ republished by Repubblica, Italy’s leading newspaper.
The ball is now in Renzi’s court to show he cares about a better Italy and hence a better media for the country.
The ball is in your court too: show you care about free media in Europe andĀ sign the Media Initiative now.