European Alternatives and Alliance Internationale de Journalistes have been working since 2010 towards the establishment of a European Initiative for Media Pluralism, a coalition promoting the idea that European institutions should safeguard the right to free, independent and pluralistic information. The European Initiative for Media Pluralism (EIMP) brings together organisations, media, and professional bodies from throughout Europe with the immediate purpose of running a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) demanding the implementation of an EU Directive on media pluralism. The ECI is a new tool of participatory democracy introduced from April 2012 by the Lisbon Treaty, which allows civil society coalitions to collect online and offline one million signatures in at least 7 EU member states to present directly to the European Commission a proposal forming the base of an EU Directive, initiating a legislative process.


European Alternatives is a transnational organisation promoting active European citizenship in 18 countries with a network of hundreds of local groups and partner organisations. We think the most urgent political, cultural and social questions can no longer be dealt with at the national level alone. We work to empower citizens, organisations, and informal groups and movements to take up the European space as their own, providing infrastructure, know-how, and opportunities to network local initiatives and upscale them to a transnational level.


The International Alliance of Journalists proposes to the professionals of the media a space and a dynamics allowing the journalists to gather their reflections, experiences, concrete proposals to help influence journalistic practices. Its goal is to link up the media’s different actors to create a base of collective knowledge and work concretely on the reappropriation of a responsibility both at personal and professional, individual and collective levels.